Dupe Alert (Mac cleanse off oil)

Hi dolls

Today was grocery shopping day and I was quite happy to see a new les cosmetiques product at the carrefour supermarket.A cleansing oil.....
For 2,67 Euro it was wort a try..So I slapped on every waterproof product I have,waited a few minutes and removed the make up very effortless and quick.
The oil did a great job and it reminds me of mac cleanse off oil very much.
Mac cleanse off oil costs about 21 $ for 150 ml and the Les cosmetiques one costs 2,67 Euros for 200 ml.
What a bargain!!! Tomorrow I'll stock up on this!
So if you live in a country with a carrefour supermarket,check out the "Huile demaquillante"

Huggies and Happy Make up removal



  1. Sounds like a great product! would you recommend it for people with oily/combination skin though?

  2. Yes,I would recommend it,because you have to wash it off anyway like you do with any make up remover.
    Thanks for stopping by dear :P

  3. Thank you for your reply! Will check it out as I think we have a Carrefour over here :)

  4. If the need ever takes you, this is on my list of "things i'd enjoy having that i can't get here". x3


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