My summer essentials

Hi dolls

In summer when it is really hot we shouldn't wear that much make up,because it will simply melt off.
Here are the products I can't live without:
-Lovie waterproof mascara: It's lovely,very waterproof and it keeps my lash curved all day long.

-Korres Organic citronella oil: Mosquito bites suck.There is nothing worse for me during summer.I simply mix 3 drops with a little bit of perfume free lotion and apply it onto my skin.

-My DIY tinted sunscreen : It is made of Spf 50 sunscreen and the rest of my missha bb cream.There was nothing coming out of the tube anymore,so I cut it open and scraped out all the rest,which was quite a lot.The coverage of my DIY tinted sunscreen is light to medium.

-Korres Mandarin Lip butter with spf 15 in the color purple: It's amazing because it is very moisturizing and the color is so pretty!

-Essence mineral compact powder : During the winter it is too dark for me,but during the summer it's almost perfect.I use it to set the tinted sunscreen in the areas where I need.Under the eyes,on the nose,forehead and chin.

But when I go to the beach I don't wear any make up:)

What are your summer holy grails?



  1. I love the Slammer Shower Gel from Lush, it´s perfect on a hot day

  2. I'm stilling look for a great sunscreen:)

  3. I love Korres citronella...I hate mosquitos and I always carry it wiht smells good....I love the tip with the mixing creams for suncrenn...xxxx Demi

  4. Hallo beautiful! Does Korres Organic citronella oil do the job? The scent is bearable? I can't stand the bites either! =/

  5. For me it's Essence stay on and on and on mascara and Essence mineral makeup, not available anymore :( I'll try the e.l.f. one when it's finished. Could you send me a tweet with the seller you buy the misha bb cream? huggs!

  6. Thank you for your contribution dear dolls


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