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Hi dollies!

Because these questions get asked a lot of times in the comments and via email,I thought to do a FAQ post again.

1.Why don't you post full face pictures? The internet is a dangerous place and photos can spread easily.Apart from that my job is quite serious and I don't want to come across unprofessional by posting pictures with crazy make up.
2.Are your nails real or do you have acrylic nails? They are real,because I had a quite unpleasant accident with acrylic nails back in the day.
3.How do you manage to draw the eyeliner wing? I use liquid eyeliners with  a brush tip only,because the brush reacts to pressure and once I get to the wing I just do a quick stroke with no pressure to get a sharp wing.
4.I want to grow long nails,but they always break off,what can I do? There are tons of cuticle balms/oils/creams out there.Try to use them at least 3 times a day.Even lipbalm and cheap body lotion will do the job.I also recommend nail strengtheners.Never use a nail strengthener longer than two weeks,switch to another product after 2 weeks.
5.My parents won't allow me to dress like a Goth/wear crazy make up: I grew up in a very conservative catholic family and I was allowed to wear black,but mini-skirts,fish net stockings and heavy make up were forbidden.So I did it behind my parents back,which only got me in more trouble.Sadly as long as you are not 18 parents have a right to tell you what to do and what not to do.Try to explain them what Gothic means,show them pretty pictures.....
6.Why don't you post in Greek? Greek is not my native language.I moved here 6 years ago,so if I would write posts in Greek I would make a fool out of myself because I have a tendency to screw up the spelling.Other than that with English I can reach more people.
7.Are you a make up artist? Yes,right now I am freelancing ,but I took a ton of classes and in winter I will be a certified make up artist.It all started last year,when a newcoming fashion designer stumbled over the site and literally spammed my email address.But I prefer to do make up for normal people and brides,rather than those fashionistas who hate food and gossip all day.

Those are all the questions that get asked on a regular basis.Feel free to ask any question via comments or email,I answer them within 2-3 days :)



  1. "But I prefer to do make up for normal people and brides,rather than those fashionistas who hate food and gossip all day."

    Here a big cyber hug for the awesomeness! How can people not love food?

    I'm really glad that you blog in English, I happened to stumble a lot of blogs in foreign language that seems awesome, but with google translate, the magic seems gone.

  2. I should have asked:

    Why are your chinchillas so awesome?

  3. I agree on a lot of things. And I love the Chinchilla photo.
    You sound like a great person to be around, you really do.

  4. Thanks for posting these! I totally understand about not wanting to post full face shots. I debated about doing it, but finally decided to do it. I guess I didn't realize you were a makeup artist! I really didn't know what you did!

  5. Thanks for the input ladies.
    I guess our chinchilla is awesome because he fell into a pot of glittery fairydust when he was little XD

  6. "But I prefer to do make up for normal people and brides,rather than those fashionistas who hate food and gossip all day."

    But we have so much fun bitching about them!

    That time they were staring at you eating and you kind of looked at them, looked at your food, looked back at them and offered your bowl maked me laugh so hard, and I still tell people that story. XD

  7. Also, do some more makeup tutorials. D:<


Thank you for commenting,I love to read your comments dolls!

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