Your/My Favorite Perfumes [Taaaag]

Hi dolls
I was tagged by TinnyMey with this wonderful German Perfume Tag.I think it's a great Tag which has to be translated to English so it can wander around in the international Blogger-world too.
How many Perfumes do you own right now?
Alien Thierry Mugler,Marc Jacobs Daisy,Givenchy Amarige and 3 little sample bottles from Magazines.

Expensive or cheap perfume?

Well I would say expensive,because a lot of cheap perfumes nauseate me.

Do you buy your perfumes yourself,or do you get Perfume gifts?
Except for the magazine samples all perfumes were a gift by my wonderful lovely partner,who has a great taste.

Do you still remember your first perfume?If yes,which one was it?
Yes!! My first perfume ever was from Oilily which my grandma bought me for my 5th birthday.

What is your current favorite perfume?
Can't really decide between Alien and Daisy

Which perfume you don't like to smell?
Lancome Tresor,J'adore Dior,Varnitas Versace

The ideal Spring/Summer scent?
Essence by Narciso Rodriguez !!!! This has been on my wishlist for over a year.

The ideal Fall/Winter scent?
Anything Heavy,musky,vanilla,amber scented

Do you choose perfumes by yourself,or does anybody (spouse/partner) help you?
I usually get hooked on a perfume with a sample.But my partner has a wonderful taste so I let him choose.

A walking cloud of perfume or a subtle scented person?
I don't like to be a walking cloud of perfume.Less is more!

A fairy appears and she wants you to create a perfect scent,what would it be?
Definitely something with lemon/lime/vanilla and a powdery finish.

Do you use all your perfumes regularly or do some bottles accumulate dust?
I don't wear perfume every day,because I quite like the smell of my deodorant.Amarige has collected some dust,because I kind of got bored with it.

Do you collect perfume samples?
Yes! At the moment I have three.

What are your favorite scents/perfumes?



  1. Tresor and J'adore smell horrible on me. I love perfumes so I'll do the tag! :D

  2. I posted your tag:


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