Yet another swirl nail art design.

Hi dolls

Usually I don't do french manicure on myself,even if I have a really formal event coming up.But this weekend with all the work I said to myself:"Whatever,use a fun holo-glitter polish and you are good to go"
Then last night the big french manicure depression started and I had to transform it asap with some swirls.



  1. I love this look! The swirls and the glitter really make it interesting. Silver and black are one of my favorite combinations, but I can't wear them often because people in California always make Raiders jokes (apparently Raiders are some sports team that uses those colors). :)

  2. lovely mani...I agree this looks better than the classic french!

  3. French mani depression with silver holo french? No way! But it does look amazing with the swirls!

  4. @Victorian: yeah sports team comments can get annoying.We have the same 'problem' with soccer teams >_>
    Thank you dollies!!!


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