10 things of the last two days

1.Some people have the talent to be way too talk-active in the morning right after waking up.I can't talk or process information the first 5-10 minutes after waking up and I also can get very irritated.This morning was funny....mother in law babbling non stop and I am literally fleeing.I had to lock myself in the bathroom with a cup of tea and a cigarette to weak up properly.
2.While waiting in line at the super market two ladies were pointing and laughing to a point where it got really annoying.I walked up to them and said :" Yes,I wear black clothes,yes my face is pale and yes I wear extreme make up ,but at least I showered." One of the ladies was smelling really badly......and I said it really loud so everybody could here that this stupid cow stinks.
3.The progress in the big house fixing project is huge.We are also adding a few things to make it nicer and more convenient.There is a ton to do,next weekend we will continue.Exhausted but uber happy!!!
4.I think the fumes of paints,varnishes and all that good stuff made me drift into a slight paranoia: I was chillaxing on the sofa and I was sure I heard a frog.I searched the whole house to find out that there is no frog.
5.Started with a nail art design,but haven't finished it yet,because I couldn't stand any more fumes from the nail polish.
6.Japanese Cheese cake is gone...And I had only two pieces.Pffff I guess I will make another one.
7.New Phobia : People who are eating snails right next to me.Waaaahh !
8.I sold one of my backups of the essence top sealer to my mother in law.She is also hooked big times.
9.Today is a bad diet day.I'm hungry and I want some serious chocolate now.....This is all I am thinking about for the last hour.Even drinking a huge amount of water doesn't help.I shall eat a toast with nutella for breakfast.
10.Wanted to welcome all the new followers! Hello Hello How are you?

Good night<3


  1. Anonymous00:38

    "At least I had a shower" lol.

  2. yay! i love your number ten! im a new follower! and i'm doing great thank you for asking! In fact i just posted a new blog entry!


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