10 things

1.Highlight of the day : The major work at our fixing the house project is done.All that we need is a paint job in living room,hall and kitchen.
2.Laugh of the day: My mother in law and the centipede.I kind of like the sight of people who have gone mental over a tiny,baby centipede.Huge centipedes are yucky and dangerous.But why all the screaming,running and weird gestures?
3.Disgust of the day : Getting a bag of spoiled,expensive fish.I was looking forward to cook them,but the person bought the fish at the central Athens market  and waiter till the afternoon,because the prices drop shortly before the market shuts down.The smell was beyond nauseating.I thought I would faint.
4.Grrrrrrr of the day: The person who gave me the spoiled fish also got mad and didn't believe me at first:"Bollocks,fish is always smelly" Thank god this person agreed that the fish is spoiled,but still he took off and left bummed.
5.Clumsiness of the day: This time it wasn't my fault! We were sweeping the dirt from the workers and my job was to scoop up the dirt with the dustpan.My mother in law was sweeping.As I bend down to pick up dirt she hits my forehead with the broom handle.....Seeing stars is fun.....for sure!
6.Bummer of the day: The plan was to skip diet today and eat a lot of cake.Didn't even have one f-ing slice,because there was so much work today.
7.Epic fail of the day : Major bad reaction to a stinging nettle.I always collected them to dry them,because they are good for chinchillas..And of course I was wearing gloves,but as I reached down to cut the plant a leaf touched my arm.
And it had happened before but I usually get the same mild rash that everybody gets.
Today it turned into a swollen huge area and it didn't get a  lot better,even with ointment.
8.Scare of the day: Being in the grocery store and suddenly thinking that I forgot to turn off the stove....of course it was just my mind playing paranoia tricks on me.
9.Cuteness overload of the day: Chinchilla falling asleep on my lap,because the poor nocturnal fellow couldn't sleep all day due to heavy construction tool noises.He was so groggy . That never happened before in the many years we had him.Moments like this are so precious! This moment shall be imprinted in my soul forever.
10.Yaaaaay of the daaaay: Found a proper bikini for this season.Last year I made an effort not to buy a black bikini and I had a purple and yellow triangle bikini.But sadly a triangle bikini with only a little support wasn't the smartest idea because you don't want your cleavage to bounce around happily.

And that's my lunch: Salad with crispy breads and different toppings: (Cream cheese,parizaki sausage and veg)

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  1. aaaw~ that is so cute that the chinchilla fall asleep on you lap. :)


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