Oh sweet childhood memories

Hi dolls

What a lot of people don't know is that as a child I was famous for my weird sandwiches at school.
My mother always put gave me a ham and cheese sandwich for school,which got really boring after a whole school year of eating it.
So the summer before second grade I wanted to make my own sandwiches,because ham and cheese was not an option anymore.
Every morning I couldn't wait to make my own stunning sandwich,which I really enjoyed.
From that day on I discovered that you can put anything on a sandwich and even combine stuff....the situation got slightly out of control.
I would combine things that shouldn't be combined like a can of fish in mustard sauce with jam,curd and baked beans.
One day at school the girl that was sitting next to me complained to the teacher about my smelly lunch box,the teacher came and inspected my sandwich: Tuna,Nutella and Peanuts.....
He wrote a note to my parents.
When my mother saw this note she got really mad at me:" What will the teacher think about us??? He will think that we don't take proper care of you"
And she forbid me to take my weird sandwiches to school. Bummer!!!!!!
So instead of taking my culinary masterpieces to school ,I consumed them before school.
My father once joined me for breakfast and he was so weirded out by my sandwich that he was staring at me.

Those parents of mine came to the conclusion that something must be wrong with me,so they took me to a doctor.
The doctor was my savior!! He told them that they should let me eat whatever I crave,as long as I don't eat too much candy,everything is fine.

Until the age of 12-14 I was still eating the weirdest sandwiches every day and I loved it.
I kind of grew out of this habit,but still on some days I crave for a sweet and salty breakfast.
Today was one of those days again: White toast bread,Nutella and salty peanuts.
Do you have any weird food cravings?? Or am I the only one who craves things even a pregnant woman wouldn't eat????



  1. I don't consider myself to have any weird food cravings but that peanuts and nutella on toast looks DELICIOUS.

  2. I love weird food! When I was a child I'd loved to eating chocolate cookies with green olives and of course capers (I hope the word is right). My father was very amused by this and I think in my family a lots of people have a weird taste too. French fries with caramel sauce are also great.
    I think I should try your Tuna-Nutella Sandwich. :)

  3. Anonymous12:51

    Aww that's mean! You should be able to eat what you want if it is not unhealthy!

  4. Weird food is awesome. Those sandwiches look really good!

  5. I used to have green olives with a glass of milk as a snack when I was younger (my mom still wonders about that) and now one of my favourite snacks is onion bagels with cream cheese and strawberry jam. The boyfriend just shrugs when he sees me eating anything not "normal". I love nutella and peanut butter sandwiches!

  6. Not specially creepy but I think that salads fits with everything: meat, fish, cheese, mango... People in Spain are not fond of this but, what the hell? It makes me happy.
    I also lke to take something in the middle of the night. I usually choose a mixture between sweet and salty. Everyone say that this habit is not good because digestion is very slow duing the night but I am the skinny type of girl, so It works for me.

    By the way, your toasts seem to be delicious.

  7. I eat potato chips with Nutella, I like sweet fruit in my salads, I like sweet and sour chicken. But I don't think I could eat tuna with Nutella. I crave sweets more than sour or salty flavours but sometimes combining them is so yummy!!
    And I shouldn't read these posts after midnight!!

  8. haha this was such a funny post!!! :) omg fish jam and baked beans? :O


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