DIY Corset goth make-over

Hi dolls

When I was a young goth,I purchased everything that looked like a corset.
Corsets were always my number one fetish.....
But yeah buying a white corsets with pin up-chicks printed all over wasn't the most wise decision.
I couldn't throw it away though and the poor thing got worn twice.To make it even worse,during the second occasion I wore this corset a dumb cow at the event threw up on me.
This corset was not only ugly,it was useless now because the stains didn't go away even after washing it.
Yesterday I changed my closet from winter mode to summer mode and this white corset fell into my hands.
I put it on and noticed that I have grown quite a bit since the age of 14.
But this corset gives any girl such a pretty cleavage!
Then I decided to give this corset a major make over.
I used an old shirt from my partner because it has great fabric.
The corset got sown on the shirt to give it some more length.
It turned out great,but I wasn't happy yet,because I have sooo many simple black corsets.So today I went through my fabric bag and my chain collection and found red tulle and a chain belt.
I cut the red tulle into squares and made 30 red mini tulle pom poms which got sown onto the top part.
The top chain has a little hook so I can unhook it to get dressed/undressed.

Here you can see the inside of the corset with this ugly ugly print.

The result:Still has some chalk and chinchilla hair on it and needs to be ironed :)



  1. Wow! This is a super awesome idea!! I loovvveee the tule!! Looks awesome <3

  2. That's such a great idea! Thank you for posting it, I have a couple of corsets that could use a makeover too :)

  3. Too cute! What a great way to re-create an old corset! You always have the best DIY projects!


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