10 Goth facts from my youth

1.I got a perm and cut my hip-long hair just to look like Ville Valo.

2.My father wanted to talk to me seriously (I was raised very catholic ) because he thought the heartagram is a pentagram.

3.I was so proud when I purchased my first studded belt.It is still my favorite wardrobe item.

4.Although my goth friends were hanging out at my village's cemetery,I never joined them,because I felt it was wrong to hang around there.....a matter of respect.

5.I had 4 make up items back then : A light powder,eye pencil in black,mascara and black eyeshadow.

6.My first time in a Gothic club I was having a major wardrobe malfunction: The corset's zipper exploded,because I thought I would better purchase a smaller size,so the cleavage gets pushed up.I looked like a goth-sausage.....X_X

7.I was grounded for 3 weeks because my mother saw me in the city walking around in fish-nets,which I wasn't allowed to wear.She also forced me to hand her my secret fish-net stash.Yeah well,I learned my lesson and never wore a fish net until I finally moved out.

8.At school our religious education teacher used to mock me in front of the whole class.He used to call me black hole.....It wasn't in a very mean or hurtful way.He always made us laugh big times."Oh here we go,once again the black hole has absorbed her and all that is left is darkness" I clarified that I am not a Satanist at the first lesson we had with him.

9.My first black nail polish was from a thrift store and it left ugly yellow stains on the nails: One reason more to wear it 24/7 :D

10.I had to see an Orthopedist after my first WGT (Wave Gothic Treffen) The diagnose was quite funny: Whiplash from 3 day non stop headbanging.


  1. sehr interessant!:)
    Fakt 6 und 10 sidn ja echt lustig :'D

  2. Nr 6 is funny :)
    My politics teacher asked me once if someone had passed away because I was always dressed in black :)

  3. Huh. I have never seen nail polish at a thrift store .. perhaps I need to look harder next time. I run out of nail polish quickly: it is better for me to do coats and daily touch-ups rather than just let one coat crack and chip quickly.

    You brought back a few memories, too. Last year I had the HUGEST crush on Ville Hermanni Valo. And I still do .. a little bit :-)

  4. hahaha. I was never a goth. More like a depressed tomboy who liked black and didn't bother looking like a girl.


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