Tip of the day : Brighter eyes

So we know the trick with the white eyeliner on the waterline that makes our eyes appear larger and more awake.If your eyes tend to be red like mine,you can't always pull off the white eyeliner,because it will only accentuate the red.

If you can find a very light pastel green eye pencil go with that.
But you can also very thinly apply any green shade eyeliner and then go over it with white.

The green should barely be visible.

Green cancels redness because they are complimentary colors.On top of each other complimentary colors neutralize each other.


  1. Very interesting tip!

  2. I like my eyes looking brighter, but like you, my eyes get pretty red, so I go for something a bit peachier, and it looks more natural!
    Great tip! I might try setting my peachy liner with a pale green shadow! :)

  3. Green against red for skin, why nobody thought of that for eyes too? Great idea doll!


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