Tea Tip: Lipton Clear Green Orient

Hi dolls

I am constantly trying new teas,because I like to have variety.With the lipton clear green Orient tea I was really skeptical,simply because the previous clear green (citrus) I had, tasted very soapy although it smelled gorgeous.
But when I read the ingredients (star anise,cinnamon,licorice ),my worries were blown away.
How bad can a tea with my favorite spices taste?
The first cup was amazing! You can really tell,that there is anise in it.
It's a quite summery tea,because it has this nice cooling sensation and it makes a great ice tea.

Conclusion: Great summer tea!

FTC: I purchased the tea with my own money,I wasn't payed to mention the product nor was my opinion altered.Not affiliated with lipton.


  1. I love lipton green tea! i drink the regular one and the one with jasmine:)

  2. My favorite kind tea is from Lipton, too: Forest Fruit. Have you tried it yet? I'm addicted to it, I think! ;)

  3. Mhh forest fruit! I also have this in my tea-collection.
    jasmine tea is also amazing!


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