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Hi dolls!

My little 'get in shape' project is really going well!
Today I walked 1.6 kilometers and made 50 sit ups.....Haven't done sit-ups for years.I was going for 100 but that was impossible given the fact that I just started.
There are also some additions to my diet-duties:
Write down all the foods I ate during the day,counting the calories.
This may sound a bit extreme,but it's also very interesting to see what we put in our mouth during the day without even  noticing.I came to the conclusion that my habits are not THAT bad,especially since I stopped to eat after 8:30.
The stuff I used to eat late at night was crazy calorie-wise.500-600 calories of chocolate and other devilish snacks.

There will also be a weekly weight in at the pharmacy,since there is no scale in my house.

I would also like to emphasize that I am not going to transform my body into a skin and bone structure.No! Never!

In my opinion there is nothing more pretty than a woman with an hourglass shaped figure.

Good night dolls!



  1. I am going on a diet too! I really need to get rid of my tummy fat and tone my lower body! Let's work together!

  2. Anonymous21:19

    da du so viel selbst kochst wird es dir leicht fallen etwas abzunehmen :) sport und die abendlichen bösen snacks weglassen, zack!

  3. Yes we can do a collaboration or something:)
    My facebook is Mimi Bubi Zhu
    I try to search you on facebook but I couldn't find you

  4. juhuuuuu...die welt kann so wunderbar sein....adresse ist unterwegs! 1000 dank!

  5. @Deyi : <3
    @Retrokatze: Ja es ist echt besser selber zu kochen.Naja zum Glueck gehts schnell bei mir
    @tinny: woooohooo Congrats for winning!


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