Lovie Eyeshadow ....My new favorite blushes

Hi dolls

I have raved a lot about Lovie Cosmetics,because their products are cheaper than essence products and they have such a great pigmentation.
And 1 Euro for an eyeshadow duo is not bad at all!
The pink duo eyeshadow is my go-to pink for dramatic eye-looks and as you can see,it has a huge dent already.It makes a great blush too,especially on those days when I wear only foundation+concealer+mascara.

I carried the peach-bronze duo in my purse for a while and I kind of ignored it until the day I had to do a formal make up with the few things I carry in my purse.
There was no blush in my purse,so I took the peach colored eyeshadow and used it as a blush.And that night everybody asked what blush I am wearing.
Back at home I finally had a proper mirror to check out the color.
Amazing blush color!!It gives you such a healthy,youthful flush of color without being overwhelming.
The bronzy color also works great as a blush and if you apply it with a very fluffy brush it doesn't pick up too much shimmer particles.

Is there any eyeshadow you use as a blush??Or am I the only weirdo who does that *Lol*
direct bright midday sun

in the shadow



  1. These look great! I don't have a specific eyeshadow I use as a blush. But when I did my powder pressing, I did add a few eyeshadows to it! I don't think you should ever restrict a product to a designated use!

  2. Yay for powder pressing!!!

  3. I use eyeshadow as lipstick, if it makes you feel better. :3 (eyeshadow+lip gloss or vaseline. does the trick every time if you want ridiculous-coloured lipstick)

  4. I do this too! And the other way round, I use blushes as eyeshadows. :D

  5. I do the opposite, too - I use blush as eyeshadow! :) I just can't ever seem to find a nice, bold red eyeshadow, so I use Ben Nye blush.

    Sophistique Noir - Dark, Elegant FashionSophistique Noir - Dark, Elegant Fashion

  6. @Kitty: What a great idea!
    @Natalie : I should try that
    @Noir: There are a few great red eyeshadows out there: The elf 100 palette contains one,sugarpill has one and the best is made by Inglot.


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