Ikea Haul

Hi dolls!

So it was time to buy 2 new non stick pans,because my old ones had a lot of scratches.
With non stick pans there is always one big problem : No matter how much they cost,after 1-2 years they need to be replaced.My 'expensive' non stick pan lasted 1 year and a few months and the non stick stuff started to peel off.13 Euro for a pan that you have to replace anyway sooner or later.
Last year I bought my first Ikea non stick pan,which amazed me! 2,50 Euro and it lasted and lasted.
If I hadn't tried to scape off some caramel from the bottom with a spatula,it would still be scratch free.The caramel had already started to become hard,so it left quite a few scratches.

So today I bought two new pans and a knife set.(3,95 Euros)
The knife set is very good to my surprise.Of course you can't compare it to my chef's knife which was 25 Euros,but for precision chopping and ultra thin slicing the new knifes are just perfect.

I loove Ikea! Just walking around there is such a nice thing.

Huggies and happy chopping


  1. I am green with envy. We don´t have Ikea in our city, so I spend lots of money in pans every year. Anyway, I am sure you give a very useful life to that stuff!

  2. I love Ikea too! Every time I visit it I leave with many more things than I intended to buy!

  3. We dont have an IKEA either!

  4. @Violette: That's a pity!Everybody should have access to Ikea.
    @Nat: I always have to stop myself not to buy stuff
    @Sunny: :(


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