Tip of the day: No more shaving foam

Shaving foam for women can be a very expensive business ,given the fact that women need quite a lot of it.Of course you can always use shower gel,but I have found something a lot cheaper,which works really great:
A good old bar of soap! Splash your legs with water and simply rub the bar on your legs until the soap has turned into a thick,lathery foam.


  1. The cat is not a house cat,was taken from the street and we don't have cat shelters here,even the dogs who live in shelters are treated the worst possible or killed...and there are lots of cats on the street and people always take care of them.

  2. I use shower gel too. Good idea, a moisturising soap would be great!

  3. @Deyi: Thanks doll
    @Jardelle: I still think its cruel to throw away your cat because it attacked somebody.
    @Nat: Yup!


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