Double baked Panettone or biscotti

Hi dolls!

Summer is officially here!
So I thought I create something light for breakfast.A few days ago I came across a recipe for double baked cake which was really great,but most of the ingredients were either not available or too expensive.
It was a yeast cake,so I thought about turning the panettone into a double baked/Zwieback/ biscotti  and it worked.
Panettone Recipe 
I added:
160 gr whole Hazelnuts
180 gr Pistachios
And after baking this cake,I let it cool,sliced it and baked it again for 20 minutes at 180 degree Celsius while turning the slices around every 5 min.

It turned out soooo nice and yummy!



  1. It sounds delicious! But is it really light?

  2. great recipe thx for sharing~~~

  3. @Violette : Well it's not light food in the sense of calorie-wise.It's crunchy and doesn't make you feel totally full.

    @Jessy Thx doll


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