DIY Smudger Brush

Hello dollies <3

Smudging and blending colors can be a challenge,especially with the wrong tool.After trying numerous pencil brushes didn't do the trick for me,because the result was never precisely smudged.I had shadow all over my under eye area X_X.After analyzing the problem I came to a conclusion: The tip of the pencil brush is not stable enough to withstand the blending motion,so it kind of goes everywhere.

Soo I had an idea a while ago for a brush that blends like an eyeshadow brush ,but has  enough stability to withstand vigorous blending motions.

You need:
eyeshadow brush that you won't miss(The ones included in eyeshadow palettes are great for that job)
scotch tape

Wrap some scotch tape around the bristles just like in the picture above.Make a slightly angled cut on top of the scotch tape.We used scotch tape so the bristles won't slip away while being cut resulting in a rather stubbly brush.

Trim off any stray bristles and unwrap.

There you go,a perfect brush :)
If your eyeshadow brush is very soft,you may wanna cut it a bit shorter.

Here you can see how beautiful it smudges lines.



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