DIY Hair Accessory (Or how to slay easter decorations)

Hi dolls

Gift wrapping is a science for itself,and receiving a beautifully wrapped gift is heartwarming.But throwing away the beautiful decoration of a gift is a pity.So I kept a few things:
Plastic flowers
Large rhinestones

Those things paired with needle and thread make a great hair accessory.
I made a base out of tulle and just sewed the leaves and flowers on top.To keep the accessory in place I used a snap hair clip that was sewed and glued to the tulle base.
You can see the mistake in the picture.I should have never used the green glitter glue,but thank god it peels off easily once it's dry.That's why I probably upload another picture without the green glitter glue tomorrow.Darn that glitter addiction!!



  1. I hate throwing away the beautiful gift decoration too! Lovely idea!

  2. great idea, i'll even keep the paper if it's nice ;-D


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