Black Gothic eye make up

Hi dolls,

There are days when you just wanna be left alone.On those days I choose an extra black eye make up,so random people don't talk to me.Like some tribes paint their faces to scare their enemies during a battle,I choose the same method.
Till now it worked :D

You can also see my sunburned temples and forehead.Yay for falling asleep in the sun with glasses on *lul*

Huggies and much loooove


  1. If I saw someone with eye makeup like that, I will walk to that person and ask if its you. Hehe

  2. You always do the coolest makeup!!

  3. I do exactly the same thing, lol! The more I want to be left alone, the more dark and extreme my make up gets.

    Very nice :)

  4. @Pepper: Yes you should :) But maybe I have an evil twin on the other side of the world...
    @Deyi: Thanks huney hun
    @Pale Girl : Thank god I am not the only one :)

  5. Anonymous20:50

    Pretty! I shall try that sometime!

    Oooh. Sunburns :/ They're pure evil!!!

    - Mack-ATTACK


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