10 things in general

1.Imagine this: You are walking outside and you think you see an old yell "Hiiiii" then the person turns around and you realize that it is not the one you thought. Weirdness alert!
2.Construction workers are soo dirty.I don't understand how their trash (plastic cups,empty beer bottles,cigarette boxes) can be scattered around everywhere,even on our neighbors properties.
3.Replacing your lunch with jelly beans is not very healthy,but it certainly is fun.
4.I don't know what nail art to do.....The base color is fuchsia.....and then??? Any ideas??
5.No more cola for me.2 weeks after banning it from my diet I have lost 1,7 kilo.Yay!
6.Right now something really ugly is going on here in Greece:Stray animals are being poisoned,so the tourists won't see the problem that is going on with stray animals.That's so typical for this country,because getting rid of a problem is easier than solving it.You can't imagine how upset I am.
7.A haul is coming!
8.Urban Decay has a pretty weird customer service.
9.Discovered a new great tea,which even might kick my favorite ever from the throne.
10.Disappointed about some Youtube Gurus.Their videos have turned into informercials,their tutorials are not made with passion anymore and the begging for thumbs up and comments has gotten out of control.Well fame kills....


  1. 4)a pig in light pink (I loved your cows soooo much!)
    6)really? I had no idea! Are we sure they are not killed by very very poor people you-know-why? Oh, God!
    10)yeah, I don't watch youtube gurus lately as much as I used to do..

  2. You did it? We are crazy!! lol! Can't wait to see pics! I think Shellac would be useful for busy weeks, it's as shiny and chip-less as the first day.

  3. Anonymous00:34

    ach man, mich regt das total auf... statt zu verhindern dass sich die streuner vermehren, töten sie sie lieber. solchen leuten ist echt nicht mehr zu helfen... ehrlich...

    mach doch mal ein katzentapsen nailart^^

  4. Construction workers may be on the dirty side, but some are so hot and good to look at! :)

    I replaced my breakfast with chocolate chips this morning! I know... bad!

    Pigs are a great idea for the nail art!

    I gave up cola and all carbonated beverages at the beginning of February. I think I lost about 5 pounds!

  5. @Nat: I shall send you the link hun
    @Retro:Ja das ist ein Trauerspiel.Zum Heulen ist das.
    @Peach: Haha I wish our workers were good looking.Yay for loosing 5 pounds


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