Baked crab cakes

Hi dolls,
Watching cooking shows can be a curse,because they make you hungry!I was watching a cooking show and they were making crab cakes.Although I have never made those delicious little things,I needed to find a recipe asap!

I followed a recipe I found on the internet,but of course I had to make some changes:
The recipe is here: http://www.tasteofhome.com/Recipes/Heavenly-Crab-Cakes-Fish
Italian bread crumbs are exchanged with crushed ,seasoned cornflakes
Majonnaise and mustard exchanged with cream cheese
Seasoning: Dill,Parsley,Paprika,Mustard powder,lemon zest,chilli flakes.
And instead of frying them,I baked them ;)

The result was beyond my expectations!Although I used imitation crab meat,it tasted soooo good with a fresh salad,yogurt dressing and white wine.


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