DIY Mineral Multi Color Blush -Part two-

Hi dollies <3 How are yall doing?

The DIY Mineral Blush has dried and it turned out perfect.
To my surprise the texture is silky smooth,the shimmer is not too much and the colors are nice and the purple-ish section even has a iridescent effect to it *jumps yay*
The pictures were taken in direct sunlight and shade :

The last swatch on the right side shows all colors swirled with a brush

How do you like the results?

Huggies and have a nice weekend !

Btw: I cooooooked today: Noodles in broth,but it felt like a feast for a king.As soon as the Kitchen is stocked again with all the good things,I shall post recipes again


  1. Anonymous16:45

    total toll!!! werde die tage mal deinen tipp mit dem gel eyeliner ausprobieren.

  2. Looks like it turned out awesome! I am going to have to try this! I read thru your other "how to" posts last night. Doesn't look too hard at all! I just need to find something to use as a pan to press it in.


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