10 things about being Home

1.Sleeping in my own bed.You can't imagine how good that felt...rolling around in my pillows and finally having my blanket back.

2.Supermarkets are less full: Nobody pushing,less weird looks,local fruit and veg.

3.Cooking: Preparing my partners and my dinner (he had cheese croquettes and fries,I had noodles+broth).Being alone in the kitchen is soooo nice.No more weird comments,no more hovering mother in law and no more pets in the kitchen.Nothing against pets,but a persian cat climbing on the counters leaving her hair everywhere is disgusting.My kitchen is a pet free zone.

4.Performing the cleaning dance: Loud music,weird dance with the mop,and a tango with the broom.Yesssss Goths can have fun too.

5.Nature: The city is not my cup of tea.Clogged pores,pollution,honking idiots,thieves and all that crappy stuff was driving me to the verge of a coo-coo attack.Being back in the place where the birds chirp and the air is clean is just effing AMAZING
6.Realizing one big thing: I should have been more grateful for the things I have.Before that whole tragedy I was never aware of the meaning of HOME.I thought I knew,but bullshit.
Having a roof over your head is a blessing.

7.Not hearing neighbor-conversations....In Athens houses are close together,so whenever the neighbors were outside you could hear all their conversations.Weird stuff no more! yuuupiiiiii

8.Access to a full nail polish and make up collection.(I don't need to explain that do I?)

9.No more weird questions from 'grown ups'..I know they don't ask those questions with a bad intention.It's for my own good.BUT after living on my own for so many years it's weird to have somebody telling you to eat your salad,not to smoke on an empty stomach,not to wear so much black.

10.Privacy! Ohhh yes baby! Prriiiwaaaaasssseeeeeh



  1. I live in a detached house on a very quiet lane, so I know what you mean about privacy! :) I don't like the idea of living in the city either, I love the countryside too much! xxx

  2. Ohhh! Number four please?

    I do that tooo. Tango with the broom. But only went Mountain Man is not here to dance with in the kitchen.

    Lovely list. I'm a country Goth too.

    Hugs, Euphoria

  3. I hate the thin apartment walls, I hope one day I'll live in a single house too! What about your pets? Do you have Kira back home?

  4. @Whimsical: Yes,the city sucks :) YAY for nature
    @Lady:Haha we should start a reality tv show called: Dancing with the brooms
    @Natalie:We are all back home :)

  5. Das freut mich für dich! :)


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