Avene Eau Thermale Review

Hi dolls

Recently I got the Avene Eau Thermale from a family member and it's a fun product.I really like it,but after all it is water in a spray bottle.

Packaging: The spray comes in an nitrogen pressured aluminum  container which is white.The cap is made of white and peach colored plastic.Inside the container there is 150ml/5.2 oz

What it promises:"Essential,soothing care for sensitive,hypersensitive,allergic and irritated skin.
Soothing action: Sunburn,after acne treatments,diaper rash,various forms of irritation,Razor burn,after hair removal.
Comforting,refreshing action:To complete cleansing,to set make up,after outdoor activity,in summer,when traveling"

My 2 cents: Yes,it is a great and fun product.It's nice to spritz your face when it is warm outside to get an instant boost of freshness.The make up setting properties are not that great,because it is only water after all and to set make up you need at least some glycerin so the powder products can melt in your skin.BUT this spray takes away the powdery,cakey look when you may have applied a bit too much powder.

After shaving legs,arm pits and bikini area this spray really soothes the skin well and moisturizes.
I usually apply it before moisturizing my face at night,but it also works great on dry hair.

And last but not least it's fun to spray it into your friends neck to scare them *LOL*

Conclusion: Because it was a gift I will use this product because it's really doing a nice job,but I wouldn't purchase water in a spray bottle,because my DIY setting mist does a better job (refreshing,setting,soothing,moisturizing,hair care,after shave)

Cookingchins <3
Have a great start into the week :D

What do you think about those products (or simply water in a bottle)?Fancy Pancy or Must Have????


  1. Awesome, I was tempted to buy it last week. Now I feel like it's not something I need. But I still like to have something to annoy my cats.

  2. I agree with you, it's nice but nothing special. You can also find cheeper alternatives, I bought once a similar product for 2-3 euros from Oriflame. Didn't use it so I won't buy again. For setting spray I have the one from e.l.f. but I don't use it often too.

  3. @pepper haha your cats will get soo mad :) Just kiddin

    @Natalie: There is nothing like a diy Setting spray


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