10 things

1.Have you ever caught yourself having a conversation with a random stray cat on the road?Well until I realized what I am doing I told the poor cat how bad the world is.She didn't disagree,so I guess she agreed *miao*

2.New food obsession: Rice wafers+Nutella (At least it makes you believe you are eating healthy......)

3.Dolls,please cross your fingers for us on Monday night.......*Plix Plox*

4.I was dragged into an H&M store and I almost fainted the moment my eyes caught the oh so fashionable floral dresses.No offence,but this is too much for a Goth.The minute the person, that dragged me into the store, was yelling:"OMG these shoes are sooo you" I calculated that I will need 2 boxes of ice cream and 10 cups of green tea to recover from that shock.The shoes were 12 cm super shiny peep toes *Barf bag pliiiiz*
I ran out of the store and smoked cigarettes......The night after floral dresses tried to strangle me in my dreams.

5.Maybe you have experienced something similar: You lay on the sofa tiredly and the tv is showing a movie,then you fall asleep....When you wake up you have some weird movie snippets in your head and you go :"WTF movie was that"

6.Liquorice and marshmallows is a baaad combo.

7.The 1 Euro shop has Goth belts!!!!

8.Ordered a knight armor ring from ebaaaaay .This was a dream of mine for many years.I saw a gal wearing one on the WGT (Wave Gothic Treffen) years ago and now I found one on ebay.Will do a haul of course!

9.How do you get a selective hearing?Needy of a selective hearing......It would be cool to be able to blend out 'mother in law -language'

10.You are amazing dear followers and readers! <3 <3 Hugs to each and every one of you


  1. I talk to the stray cats all the time. They didn't judge, that's why I like talking to cats. LOL.

    I used to spent at least an hour of my sunday morning just to talk with my hamsters. I prefer talking to cat tho. Hehehe.

  2. Thank god I am not the only one haha

  3. I talk to stray cats too! hihi! I say goodmorning to them when I open my window and they are lying in the sun. lol at the H&M incident!!


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