Tron inspired make up or a futuristic goth look

Hi dolls,

I don't liked either versions of the Tron movie,but their suits are amazingly cool.So why not draw some cute patterns around your eyes?



  1. Very fun eyeliner art! I didn't see Tron, so I have no clue what the suits looked like!

  2. This is so pretty! I love the design... did you just use eyeliner to draw the lines? The shadow reallllyyy brings out your eyes! Anyways, I followed :) Please follow back! I love your name... do you have Chinchillas? I have two... I love them to death

  3. Great look! You are an artist and your brush is eyeliner. Your eyes are beautiful as well. I'm loving your looks!!

    Mrs Lavelle

  4. @ Peach The suits are the only cool thing about that movie
    @MakeupSparkle:Yes I use a eyeliner to draw those lines.I am also a chinchilla owner :D
    @Lavelle thank you dear ! <3

    Thanks Ladies for stopping by

  5. star trek Julia !!!!!!!!!! haha i love it :D

  6. I don't like Tron Legacy at first, but after sometime, the movie grow into me. I love everything about the movie.
    The eye look reminds me of Quorra. Good job!


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