Essence Eyebrow Designer review [FAIL]

Hi dolls,

I was in need of an eyebrow pencil,because my eyebrow powder was empty and I wanted a pencil again.My brows are very light and tend to disappear once the light hits them.
Usually I purchase a light brown pencil or brow powder,so it is just normal that I go for the light brown pencil from essence.
I kind of hate myself for not swatching this pencil -_-

Product/Packaging : The pencil is light brown with a light brown cap,that has a little brow groomer attached to it.There is 0.03 oz/1 g of product and you can use it up to 36 months.

My 2 cents: What saddens me the most is that the pencil has shimmer.Why do youtube gurus preach not to use anything shimmering on your brows?Because it looks weird to have shimmering brows in daylight or artificial light.Another bad thing is the reddish hue that the pencil has.The color of the packaging is very misleading.
For the reddish hue not to show up,you got to layer the pencil and you end up with very very strong brows.
And it is not very long lasting.After a half day of wearing this pencil half of the shimmer and the reddish hue had traveled around my brows.

-Brow groomer included
-Very cheap (95 cent)
-Color is ugly and definitely not light brown
-Shimmer in a brow pencil is a no no
-misleading color packaging

I am mad that I bought this pencil,because it makes my brows look ugly.It doesn't last very long and it is kind of the worst essence products I have ever purchased.Not going to buy this again!
Back to using a matte brown eyeshadow+brow gel.



  1. Anonymous15:10

    eeeeeek, das ist ja blöd. aber ich hab den in schwarz und komme damit super zurecht, der hält auch recht gut.. habe ich sogar schon nachgekauft :) aber schwarz ist bei dir wahrscheinlich zu krass wegen deiner haarfarbe, ne?

  2. shimmer in a brow pencil ?? wow that sounds like a bad joke !!!!!!

    PS : haha if you want the whole aubade collection, it's 80 euro each bra and 45 euro each slip, so you are warned xD

  3. @Retro: Mit Schwarzen Augenbrauen seh ich sehr Achziger-Jahre-Like aus :D
    Ist ja kein Weltuntergang,aber der Schimmer geht echt garnicht.

    It is a bad joke and I shall save money for that amazing bra


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