Tip of the day : Facial cleansing pads

A big part of living green is trying to minimize the use of disposables.Especially those facial cleanser pads you can buy at the supermarket can be hard on the environment.
Next time you are in a super market search for Sponge Cloths (Brandname Wettex).Choose a sponge cloth that is washable!
Wash your Sponge Cloth first,let it dry and cut it up into little squares.Now when you are using a facial cleanser or soap,the sponge cloth will be your best friend.You will need less product,because the sponge cloth with help to produce a rich foam.And it also has a mild exfoliating property.
I use mine morning and evening,then I change sponge and wash the used one.Since I cut up the big cloth into 6 small ones,I never run out.
Always make sure to dry the sponge cloth quickly.You also may soak them in a mild disinfectant solution once a week to prevent bacteria build up.


  1. This is such a great tip! I use microfiber washclothes that I got at adorned with Grace. I don't think they have them available anymore, but I would love to find more of them! I have one in the shower and one by my bathroom sink. And the best part....reusable! Yay!

  2. I had seen microfiber facial clothes in the store,but didn't pay much attention.So thx for the tip.I guess microfiber works great under the shower.Have to try it


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