Green Envy ( 7 deadly sins gone Goth)

Hi Huns

I have a secret project that I cannot reveal just yet.But it's so major.So some looks will have themes and some looks will be done on Models the next few weeks.I have 2 models so far.Still looking for a green eyed beauty.
I'll be doing the 7 deadly sins the next few days and the first one is envy.

Metallic green eyeshadow,crisp eyeliner and some random eyeliner art.
The bottom lash line is just framed with some green shadow.Because I really wanted the metallic sheen to pop!



  1. Ohhh....pretty green look! Love the green with the crisp, black eyeliner! Can't wait to see what you are up to!

  2. Thx Peach.Have a great day!

  3. What brand do you use? Because I've been having trouble finding a nice metallic shadow thats not glittery

  4. In the particular picture I was using the terracotta eyeshadow from Beauty Line Cosmetics.They make amazing metallic colors without the glitter.
    In general I can recommend Essence eyeshadows,but they need to be applied with a damp brush for that ultimate metallic experience.


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