Dramatic Black Smokey Eye

Hi dolls,

When I have not much time on my hands,I do a black smokey eye,so there is more time for eyeliner art.
My current eyeliner from essence is now 100% empty,but I already have a back up :D

The inner corners have some iridescent  green,then black black black everywhere :D
I blended out the black with a nude colored eyeshadow and highlighted with a white shimmery one.
Eyeliner,mascara and some gel eyeliner on the waterline,smudged with the black eyeshadow I used on my lid.
The look took about 20 minutes including primer,foundation,contour,eyebrows and all that stuff.

I decided to conduct a study about the reaction of people to extreme goth eyeliner art.Till now the 35+ ladies and gentlemen are more open minded and ask.The youngsters usually laugh,stare or make rude anti emo comments.The senior citizens are the best though: Either they ask if it is a tattoo or they turn around and cross themselves.(dear lord,plzzzz protect me from that evil lady and her demonic eyeliner deeds)

Anyway :D

Huggies+ Tea!!!

<3 <3 <3



  1. Hahaha! Thats funny about people's reaction to your eyeliner art! I would probably do a double take so I could inspect it better the second time. I think it is awesome! Love the black smokey look with the eyeliner art!

  2. Thank you hun <3 Have a great day!


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