Beauty Line Cosmetics Compact Blush review

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How are you all doing??

10 years I was looking for the perfect blush.And most of the blushes were either loaded with shimmer or the color pay off was bad.While walking through the beauty store here,I passed the beauty line cosmetics isle and saw that they brought blushes.I swatched my way through the amazing color range and at the end the red-ish one went home with me.

Packaging: The compact blush comes in a clear plastic pot with a lid.On the bottom there is a huge sticker from the distributor Cream Team ΕΠΕ.The product contains 9 gr and you can use it up to 18 months.And the beautiful color is called no. 011

The Product: Fortunately the blush is very finely milled and the pigmentation is amazing.There is no chalkiness or crumbling with this bad boy!Although it is lightly perfumed,the scent disappears within 5 minutes and it is not a disturbing scent at all.It is a mix of some powdery smell with a hint of floral laundry smell.I thought it wouldn't last very long,but it adheres so well to the skin.
In the beginning I was seriously worried about the blush not being blend-able,but it is blendable with almost any kind of brush.The fact that the blush has a matte finish is quite cool,because usually cheaper blushes all have shimmers in them.

-Great Pigmentation ( a tiny bit goes a long way)
-nice color range
-finely milled
-no shimmer
-convenient package
-blends perfectly

-No ingredients listed
-packaging slightly scratched

I have found the blush that works for me.Believe me,a Goth shouldn't wear shimmer blush on white powder.I hope I will be able to finish the product within 18 months,because you only need to dip the brush inside the products and you have enough for both of your cheeks.It is buildable,blendable and I am definitely going to buy another one,once mine is empty.The 3 Euros are well invested in that blush <3

The only sad thing about the company is,that they don't answer their emails.I have written them 3 or 4 times now,but sadly no answer.
But hey,their products are amazing :)


FTC: Not affiliated with Beauty Line cosmetics or Cream Team ΕΠΕ,my review is honest and not influenced by anybody or anything.I did not receive any monetary compensation to do this review


  1. Looks like a great blush! I love it when you find such a great product that works for you!

  2. The colour looks great, not pink, not orange, not brown, I like it. And pigmented, not shimmery and long lasting? wow! I'll be sure to check it out next time I'll go shopping!

  3. Yup,it is a quite unique color ( most budget-cosmetics have the standard colors you mentioned)
    And it stays put for sooo long time.


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