Fillet of Cod with German Bratkartoffeln (pan fried potatoes)

Hi dolls!

Today's dish is quite easy!And it gets even easier if you have left over boiled potatoes!
Bratkartoffeln mean Pan-fried potatoes and every Region in Germany has a different recipe.Some use egg,some use bacon,some use onion and so on.
My favorite Bratkartoffeln are with paprika spice and little onion bits.

The cod should still have his skin on.

You need:
2 fillets of cod with skin
pepper salt lemon olive oil

For the Bratkartoffeln:
6 small potatoes
1 shallot (coarsely diced)
pepper salt paprika
olive oil

Cut you cod into large pieces and season them with pepper/salt and while you do that let a pan get hot (not burning hot).
Add 4-5 tablespoons of olive oil and fry the cod skin-side down for 1-2 minutes(Until the skin is crispy).Turn the cod carefully and fry it on the other side for 1 minute.Remove the cod from the heat and drizzle with lemon juice.
Keeping the skin will prevent the fish from getting dry and disgusting.You don't have to eat the skin ;)

If you have boiled potato leftovers,just fry and season them in a hot pan with olive oil and shallot until they reach the desired color.
In case your have fresh potatoes,boil them either with the peel or without.I boiled mine without the skin,because I added 2 carrots to boil together with the potatoes.
Once the center is soft,drain the water and let them cool for 10 minutes.
Now fry them as described above.
Of course you can also fry the carrots a bit! It is delicious !!!

Christmas prep time!
Oh boy the menu is done.I am so excited! I am responsible for the main dishes for the Greek family *yuppie* (Been dreaming about this moment many years) 
So it is a honor,that they trust me with preparing their food.
-Traditional Rooster stuffed with rice,liver,raisins,minced meat,chestnuts and other traditional Greek things :D
-A ragout of venison and mushrooms
-Greek Style Baked Potatoes
-Different Canapes with homemade Liver Pate (German Leberwurst) and cucumber,smoked salmon with a dill cream cheese mix

Huggies and <3

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