Breakfast cookies

Hello Lovies,

I got tired of making my breakfast in the morning,so I was looking for something sweet,not too sweet though,that I can just put in my mouth while having my cup of tea.Of course it would be great to gobble down some chocolate chip cookies,but that is not healthy.Too much sugar in the morning can cause fatigue.
So I took my basic cookie dough recipe (click) and changed some things.
I replaced half of the flour with oats (made into oat flour in the blender),sweetener instead of sugar,one banana instead of an egg.I also added a hand full of dried cranberries,vanilla and some nuts I had left over to the blender.When kneading the dough I noticed that it needs to be a bit thicker,so I added about a cup of rolled oats.
And when they came out of the oven and I tasted them,I found out that they need more sweetness.So I mixed some icing sugar with cranberry juice and decorated my cookies in a very sloppy manner (as usual :D)
When I am making stuff for myself,it doesn't need to look perfect.

Now the cookies are perfect.

What do you eat for breakfast guys?



  1. These look awesome! To tell you the truth...I don't usually eat breakfast. :( Its coffee for me on my drive to work!

  2. Hi Peach!
    That is also an option.I did that too for some years.Thanks for stopping by hun <3


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