10 things of today V

1. Afraid that the strong winds are gonna blow parts of my house away.
2. Saw desperate housewife Bree van de Kamp in my dreams.
3.Woke up earlier than I should......Yay biological clock my ass!
4.For a change I have a good hair day.No spray,no mousse no straightener necessary ! That happens 1-2 times a month.
5.Managed to clean up my desk.Now all make up is where it belongs.
6.You may have noticed the loading time of my blog is finally reduced.Found the problem (Stubleupon button) and removed it.
7.Narrow minded people can be fun too,especially when they reach the boarders of their imagination and a big WTF is written all over their face.
8.It is so unfair to pay a lot of money for tap water that is not even close to drinkable water.Not to mention the drainage system which is full of creepy insects and beings.Shouldn't the drainage system be cleaned/flushed every year or two?
9.I stepped on a scale today,to see if I gained any weight...I didn't yay!Not having a scale at home can be pleasant.
10.I want some soup today!!!!!


  1. I did notice your blog loaded faster! Yay for solving the problem! And I didn't have a scale at home for the longest time. It was nice :)

  2. Hi
    Thank god it is fixed now.Evil button XD
    I used to have a scale in my old house,but I decided that they are evil objects that make you feel bad about your body.


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