10 things of today

1.Today is a weird day.Everybody is sad,even the sky looks sad.
2.Since I forgot to shop for important groceries,I have to go again (Note to myself: This time take the f-ing list with me)
3.Skipped Breakfast which was the worst decision ever.Now my stomach is making weird noises.But hey,I was in a hurry and I needed to make my boots shiny again.It's all about priorities
4.Finally have new lighting in the bathroom,so I can take make up pictures even when the weather is bad outside.
5.Dealing with an abscess is not fun,especially when it is on this certain place of the body necessary for sitting down.Does excessively cussing at it help maybe?? No no just kidding.It's just I have to sit down for on a chair in order to work.The expression "Pain in the ass" got a whole new meaning for me X_X
6.Tossed out a bronzer because it is useless for me.It was sitting in my make up box for over 4 years now.It was a gift from someone who thought I needed to look more tanned.
7.Stayed up till 3 o'clock in the morning to watch Formula 1.It was soooo worth it.My favorite driver is now world champion *woop woop* The minute the race was over I crawled into my bed with a huge smile on my face.
8.I never thought I still remember the more complicated stuff from maths lessons.Well I remembered the stuff,but  still juggling with numbers is not my biggest strength
9.Can't wait to cook today
10.Gonna put on comfy clothes and go to the supermarket


  1. Thats awesome you got new lighting! I'm trying to get my husband to put up new lighting for me around my vanity. Maybe one of these days... That sucks about the "pain in the ass"! And I hate it when people buy me makeup as a gift. Its never something I'd typically use and ends up getting tossed too!

  2. Thank you for stopping by peach! Tell your hubby to hurry. :D
    We just installed two cool white energy saving bulbs that equal 65 watts.Very bright,but perfect for pictures and make up.Well the bronzer was a desperate attempt of my mother in law to 'un-goth-ify' me.


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