So let's see the highlights of the day
-Did a deep conditioning treatment with olive oil over night.Hair finally feels good again.
-Made a pumpkin potato omelette (If you want the recipe tell me in the comments )
-Went to supermarket and forgot icing sugar,found out that there were no more big Nutella jars.Pfff I want 750 gr !!!!
-Also found out that favorite eye make up remover got discontinued.I used that for 2 years :(
-Purchased a new one from the supermarket brand....will test it after this post.
-Drank 4 cups of tea.(1.Gunpowder 2.earl gray latte  3.fennel seed 4. green tea with vanilla)
-Tried to watch the Greek masterchef but pfff again what a stupid version.Masterchef USA ftw!!!
-Tested products for upcoming reviews.
-Discovered that the essence nail sealer which is useless as a nail sealer for chipped nails is a really good top coat for nail art with glitter and rhinestones.It can be applied right after and doesn't smudge the nail design *Yay*

And I took a picture :D
After a little rain shower

Good night everybody!


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