Quick pasta with mushrooms and cream


This recipe is really quick and requires only one pot.(Yay less dishwashing)
I recommend using fresh mushrooms for this dish.

You need:
2 portions of pasta (I used fusilli)
150 gr mushrooms (cleaned,cut in 3)
150 ml cream
1 clove garlic(finely chopped)
some parsley
some mini mozzarella balls (cut in 4)
olive oil

Boil your pasta according to the instructions on the package,drain and set aside.In the same pot quickly saute mushrooms,garlic and parsley with some olive oil and of course seasoning.
Once the mushrooms get color,add the cream and season again if needed.Simmer for 3-5 min and add the mozzarella balls at the end and stir well.Put the pasta in the pot with the sauce and mix well.

As you can see the recipe is easy with a small list of ingredients.Of course you may add whatever you wish.And now that the mushroom season started in a lot of countries,you can also use wild mushrooms.

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  1. Anonymous20:08

    manno ich krieg immer hunger wenn ich auf deinen blog gehe!!!

    ja, also das puder ist leider ein wenig pafümiert (ich weiß auch nicht wieso immer überall parfum reingetan wird), aber es ist jetzt nicht so extrem störend oder so.

  2. Dankeschoen :)
    Na wenn das Parfuem nicht so arg ist,,dann hol ich mir des Puder :)


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