My precious


Now this is going to be a crazy confession I guess.
I usually never behave Gollum-like about anything.....I like to share.
But this white chocolate flavored syrup from Monin brought out this evil side of me.

A few drops of this stuff transform a hot beverage into a truly sexual experience in your mouth.

And I bought it by accident! I needed instant cocoa powder to make cold chocolate milk.And with the instant powder came a sample sized bottle of this amazing stuff.

Right now I have a cup of vanilla tea with the monin syrup.And now the bottle is empty *cryyyyyy*

So I am counting the minutes until the supermarket opens and I can buy a big bottle.

In case the headlines tomorrow are :" Lady drowned in white chocolate syrup" .......That will be me.



  1. i love this brand and always buy the "hazelnut" flavour, a few drops in my milk coffee and it turns it into a very intense experience :D

  2. The stuff is addictive right?
    Everytime I go to the kitchen I have to sniff the bottle *haha*

    I finally found a store who sells the big bottles.This will be my first action on Monday.


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