Pastel pink and lavender fantasy eye make up

Hello dollies <3
How are you doing today?

It was such a nice quiet day today.I am currently drying my nail design......Having a nice cup of tea.

After the crazy eye make up of yesterday I needed something less extreme.
So I chose soft pink and lavender and a bit of gray for the crease.On the lower lash line I used a teal color and some iridescent green pigment mixed with some mixing medium.
The eyeliner decorations are a bit fantasy inspired......
I had to apply my false lashes,because I like to tickle my brow bone with them during the day.
(Yeee,nice excuse for wearing false lashes)
Still need to work on the accurancy of application.Maybe if I wouldn't cuss that much during the application????

Anyway,enough with the bla bla.Gotta apply a top coat.



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