Limited edition trend edition?

Hi dolls

Am I the only one who is very confused about all the make up limited editions that the companies 'push' out on the market every month or two?

I think it is a brilliant strategy to lure people into buying things they don't really need. :D

(I baked a trend edition cake with the theme "chocolate brown fall".I will release it tomorrow )


  1. I agree, it seems people go nuts just by seeing the LE thing :)
    I'm the same, I want your cake. Now. :P

  2. Well since it is the super seeeecret trend edition of the fall I will post it fashionably late tomorrow.
    The lighting is bad inside,can't take a decent pic.

  3. haha you're great

    yeah they did it with the "naked" palette, and afterall it's became a permanent edition !

    when i think of the girls who bought it 2x or 3x the price on ebay cause it was sold out in their local cosmetics shop, they must feel soooo betrayed !!

  4. Yup it is a pity!
    Thx for commenting

  5. Daaanke für das liebe Kommi :D


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