All black eye make up inspired by KISS


OMG I can't stop laughing.The eye make up of today is kind of funny.
I was in a hurry,but I needed some serious black Goth make up.So I went a little bit crazy with the black eyeshadow and the smudge brush....*whistles*
It's just black eyeshadow,eyeliner and mascara!

Yeah......well it's certainly not the best eye make up,but one thing is sure: I scared some dude in the grocery store:D

In the vegetable section,I was picking my tomatoes
There was a random dude in front of me.
He looks at me......he looks at his tomatoes....Then he looks at me with a big WTF in his face and literally flees to another area.Either he thought :" Maybe she practices for Halloween or she is a complete nut case"

What reactions did you get with scaaaary eye make up????

Huuuuugggies + Love
Have a great weekend dolls!



  1. Caught an old lady staring at me once, and said hello to be polite. She pretended she didn't hear and looked the other way, but it was so obvious! That made me laugh out loud actually! But sometimes, random people come up to me in stores and tell me they love my make-up, and would love to do the same, but are afraid to look too weird or eccentric. So sad to be a slave to other people's opinion.

  2. I guess the old lady was praying to god when she pretended not to hear you.
    "Please God protect me from evil people with Goth make up "

    It's cool when people ask and show an open mind,but like you said it is saaaad that people are worried way too much about being different.

  3. Scared the cr*p out of a little boy on the train once. He ran past, saw me sitting there (I was on my way home from an After Forever show), I smiled at him, he turned 180 degrees, and ran straight back to his mom, going: "Mom! That lady looks weird!"
    Yeah, thanks. :P
    He never came back though, so I could enjoy my train ride in peace and quiet, lol :D

  4. Haha! That is so hilarious Morrigan!
    But yeah there is nothing better than a peaceful train ride
    Thanks for sharing that story.

  5. Love this one !

    looks like a spiderweb on your eyelid :D

    xx !

  6. These kids at school think I'm the Antichrist..I go full blown Goth..Black lips and extravagant eyeliner kinda the "Adora Batbrat" style..They would whisper freak and dude isn't Halloween over yet..Or their most favorite Morticia Scarypants..Of course I overhear this and I politely ask them if they would like a picture..and they would apologize and run away..Every time they see me they turn the other way :) hehe.


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