Yesterdays Haul ,first impressions

So I wanted to quickly try out the new stuff that I got.I painted my nails with my least favorite nail polish color,a neutral nude color and started to play with the new things.Don't laugh at my pathetic attempt.I was obviously in a hurry *LoL*

1.Nail art pens from essence
Woooow! You simply pump and start painting,writing.The black has a really good pigmentation.The silver also has a good pigmentation.The pink almost doesn't show up.You definetly need a paper to pump and practice some strokes.The nail polish underneath should be 100000% dry,otherwise you can clog the tip.If the tip clogs,simply take it out with a pair of tweezers and wash it under water.You need a top coat,cuz the color dissolves in water,which is a big plus.If you mess up,you can clean it with a wet q-tip and start over again.

2.Essence multi dimension blue lagoon: Beaaaauuuutiful color.Very pigmented and very shiny.

3.Essence nail art twins carrie: Glitter Junkie Heaven *Halleluja* Beautiful to spice up any nail design.I expected the polish to be gooey like all chunky glitter polishes.But this one is really easy to use.

4.The nail art pen/brush.This must be my favorite product of all these.The polish is really well pigmented.And the nail art pen on top works like a charm.The nail art brush needed a little trim,because there were some longer hairs in the brush.But hey for 1 Euro...........1 f-ing  Euro!In case the pen tip clogs,there is a little needle hidden under the sticker on the bottom of the bottle.
The bottle is a little squeezy bottle which makes the application easier,because you don't have to touch the nail polish coat underneath.
The only bad thing I noticed,is the smell.Jesus! Nailpolish doesn't smell pleasant anyway,but this one almost made me sick (early morning,empty stomach,very good sense of smell )

So far I am very happy with my purchase.
I think I might pick up more colors of the nail art pen/brush.But I can't get rid of the idea,that I have seen them on ebay...........................Gotta do more research on the brand......


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