Yellow Orange Red eye make up

Hello Dollfaces!

Today I didn't feel like wearing all black eyeshadow,because I am already wearing black on black on black.
I used scotch tape for the outer line of the eyeshadow.Yellow eyeshadow on the inner corners,orange on the lid,red and black in the outer corners.Blended all colors with yellow and applied black and yellow eyeliner.

Mascara and you are done.



  1. wow...we think to much alike...this is similar to what i do. i love how u blended and u did such a great job on the yellow underneath. its not to much and it fits perfectly. its totally beautiful. ima have to try this and dont usaually try other peoples stuff so thats saying something! looks gr8 girl!

  2. Awww now you made me blush <3
    Yea I think our make up taste is the same.Just a pity that we live so far apart.Have a great day!


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