Tip of the day : Fabulous pale Goth skin

If you are a Goth and you can't get any white foundation or powder,simply use a lighter shade of normal foundation and use white matte eyeshadow (Yes eyeshadow) to set the foundation.
Nobody will notice.I used that technique for a  looong time.Before there were online Goth shops.


  1. this is a nice idea!considering that I normally AVOID sunrays, suing +50 protection, and avoiding seaside between 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.....but You can also buy STARGAZER white foundation...just a little's good!

  2. I'm just looking for a good rice powder..but it0s hard to find it!

  3. If you have an Asian Grocery store somewhere near you,there are good chances to find rice powder.
    I use Stargazer foundation sometimes,but I really don't like the result.No matter how much setting powder I use,it always creases,especially around the expression marks.
    Thank you for commenting <3


Thank you for commenting,I love to read your comments dolls!

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