10 random weird facts

Let's call this a new tag!

1. I hate to touch raw egg with my bear hands.
2. When I am cooking really concentrated and someone walks in the kitchen,they usually scare me to death.They laugh their butts off usually 
3.You could call me a spice-a-holic.I always search for new herbs and spices.That's why I have accumulated over 80 spices in my cupboard.
4.I run into walls,doors,furniture on a regular basis,because the communication of my brain and body is not always the best.
5.I cannot go more than 48 hours without chocolate,so if you ever see a goth girl eating plain cocoa powder out of the cocoa powder box,it is probably me after 2 days with no chocolate.
6.I am a fan of Ugly Betty-Yeah,very Goth!I watched the last episode over and over again,because I didn't want to believe that it's over.
7. I love to hear Finnish people talk.I could listen to them for hours.
8. My nails are not always Goth.They have their own style and want to be colorful.
9. I have a very very sensitive nose.Which can be a curse.Worst smell ever : People who smell like sweat and alcohol together.That makes me sick to my stomach
10.Especially when typing something in English,I get random blackouts with total brain standstill.

What are your weird facts???? Feel Tagged by me!

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