Salut dolls!

Today I had a little thinking time about the world.
Is it just me ,or are people becoming more and more selfish in all aspects?.Driving,helping,even shopping in the super market........

People seem to be so busy with their own stuff that they don't notice what is going on around them anymore.
Weird feeling

Another thing is negativity.Yes...I am a Goth...I am negative sometimes....but everybody is.
Letting this negativity out on other people is a big no no.

Yet there are some individuals that live in permanent negativity and they go out there and prey on people who are having a good day....

All that drama for nothing..........

Getting somebody to help you in a situation where you are completely lost is also a big challenge lately.

There will always be people who cause drama,are rude and are quite frankly biiiig jerks.
So what are we gonna do about that???

I took the decision to battle this weird new age ignorance with positivity! Yes,positivity......
No more telling people that they are wrong!
No more reaching personal boiling point because the guy in the line behind you just pushed the shopping cart into the back of your legs.

Why? Because it is just a waste of energy,because those ass-people don't give a damn.
Yelling at them won't change anything in their behavior nor does preaching ,

So I will focus on those people who might need help or some information,the tiny grannies ( <3) in the supermarket who can't reach the top shelf for example.

What things are making you angry in society?
How do you battle them?


  1. Anonymous22:57

    also ich raste schon noch aus, wenn mir einer in der schlange auf die pelle rückt oder mir ständig seinen einkaufswagen in den rücken schiebt, NACHDEM ich mich schon bösen blickes umgedreht habe...

    aber du denkst wohl auch immer noch an den vorfall mit dem umkippen im supermarkt.. und dem gekauften wasser, oder?

  2. Ja :S Das hat mich so geschockt.......
    Im Moment aehnelt die Welt eher einem Schlachtfeld wo jeder kaempfen muss.


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