Stuffed Schnitzel

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This recipe is really cool,because it is so easy to make.Pork Schnitzel is a cheaper cut of meat,which makes this recipe very economical.

You need:
2 pork Schnitzel (pounded)
2 hand full of baby spinach (chopped roughly)
1 shallot(chopped finely)
1 spring onion(chopped finely)
1 carrot (grated)
1 large carrot cut in 4
1 egg white
3 big tablespoons instant mashed potatoes or breadcrumbs
2 tablespoons cream cheese
2 tablespoons of honey
pepper salt
olive oil

First you saute the spinach,the carrot,the spring onion and the shallot in a bit of olive oil.Season with thyme,rosemary,pepper and salt.Remove from the heat.
Mix in the creamcheese,the egg white and the instant mashed potatoes or the breadcrumbs.Taste again and season if needed.

Put salt and pepper on both Schnitzel and spread the stuffing evenly.
Roll up the Schnitzel and close it up with toothpicks.

Fry it from all sides in some olive oil and then put them in an oven proof greased dish together with the carrots.
Brush the stuffed Schnitzel with honey and add a twig of rosemary on top.
Bake at high temperature for 20-30 min.

I also added the potato-thief leftover potatoes in the oven proof dish.They were soooo good.


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