Lovie Art Nail Polish


So I had the opportunity to play with these babies and I am A-M-A-Z-E-D!
Not even essence nail art polishes can beat this product.
The polishes are simply fabulous!

Packaging : The Lovie Art Nail Polish come in a tall,thin bottle.The bottle is made out of glass and it is square shaped.The cap is silver plastic.The product comes with a thin nail art brush (striper) and the bottle contains 8 ml.

Okay! I am usually not a person who gets excited (i mean really excited) by a product.But these art nail polishes are just soooo pigmented and shiny,that it is hard to find a comparison in this price range.
Each color is just very vivid ,especially the shimmery polishes are very fun.The blue polish has a purple iridescent effect to it,depending how the light falls on it.
The taup-ish brown shimmers in lilac,gold and green.
The pink one has some goldish blue shimmer to it.

Even the red polish which has a normal finish has a very vivid color on the nail.

With a good top coat they last forever!
I was anxious about the nail art brush to be honest.Normally the nail art brushes are a bit thicker or they absorb too much product,which makes it difficult to work with them.

But these ones have a very long,flexible brush that also is cut properly (previous products needed a brush trimming,because random bristles were ruining the performance)

The only negative thing I can say is,that the shimmery polishes could need a little mixing ball inside to distribute the shimmer particles evenly.But thank god I always keep the shaker/mixing balls from empty polishes.

I have done several nail designs with those lovely lovie polishes and everybody loved the colors.

To really test these I used them for sponging......What can I say??? Amazing result.With one layer they cover evenly.

I will actually purchase more colors from this collection.For 1,55 Euro you can't go wrong.

Here is a Link to the website:


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