I haz ma own merchandize

Well .....Bored+Nail polish+lighter= This weird piece of un-Art.

But on the other hand,nobody will ever steal this lighter and claim it is his/hers.

And then there was this :

But then I finally decided to do something useful.I deep-cleaned my bathroom from top to bottom,dusted the living room and cleaned all the mirrors.Phew!
I can do chores more easy when I listen to aggressive music.....Combichrist was my 'weapon' of choice.

So just imagine a Goth with a cleaning outfit,bright yellow gloves literally fighting the forces of pure evil dirt and grime.
I love the show "How clean  is your house" with Kim and Aggie<3

What are your cleaning strategies?

Any special tip on cleaning products that everybody should have??

Any least favorite chore?

Big Huggies


  1. Ha! I do that too!! When I clean, my song is "mOBSCENE" by Marilyn Manson :D

    My least-favorite chore is cleaning the bathrooms...YUCK!

  2. I will have to try that song too.!!!
    Thx for commenting


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